The basic bases to carry out this type of treatment



The excess of carbohydrates will be transformed into sugar. The excess of sugar is stored in the form of fat, creating a bulge especially in the central part of the body, creating obesity.


Ketogenesis: When the amount of carbohydrates is decreased, the body takes from its reserve, the fat, to use it as an energy source. The product of its use produces ketones.

This will be great in your process.


BMI (body fat): It is a measure that determines by a formula the degree of obesity you have.

Less than 16 Thinness

18 to 25 Normal weight

25 to 30 Overweight

30 to 40 Obesity

40 to 50 Severe obesity

over 50 morbid obesity



It is the base of nutrition that regenerates and strengthens your muscle, which is the main energy consumer. In this regimen we take care of the muscle and reduce only the fat.


Body Girdles:

We are going to recommend the use of a certain specific strip according to your figure and the area to be molded. When one cell joins another (when putting a belt) they produce heat and the diet works where we are generating heat. Helped by the exercise and complemented with compression of the belt.



Depending on the measures you send us, we evaluate the areas that have to be reduced more than others and we will recommend the exercises that will be carried out in order to increase the heat in that area and complement it with the corresponding belt.



temporary treatment until you reach your goals


BMI Body fat


body girdles

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