Online Consultation

Consult online, a dedicated space to help our patients who live outside the area of our offices, where we will assist you through email and sometimes with the support of the Google DUO app at 915-328-8030
your queries will be the same as office ones, every 2 weeks

              Steps to follow:

• Send your personal information
• Your medical information
•Your sizes
• See video of explanation of measures.
• Make your payment (See services button)
• Download your Zip file that   contains your start menu
• List of allowed foods and those   that we will temporarily suspend
• Follow Exercise instructions   that we   will recommend you   through our   youTube channel
• Watch pre-consultation video
• Watch video of Explanation of   food

You will need a scale and measuring tape

body girdles opt.


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Optional: Download the
Google DUO app

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